A downloadable game

An arcade local-player real-time strategy game set in the underworld!

Take on the role of a demon prince fighting to stake your claim over the abysmal plain. Harvest souls, summon minions and unleash diabolical magicks to eliminate your opponents!

Soul Harvest is a love-letter to 90s RTS games such as Warcraft, Command & Conquer, Sacrifice, Dungeon Keeper, Myth and Total Annihilation, as well as recent indie local-multiplayer games like Towerfall and Samurai Gunn.

Our dream-team from hell have nicknames, because this is the internet:

  • Jimmy Wallace 'JW' Seid : programming
  • Matthieu 'Sha' Sablier : art
  • Taylor 'TLR' Shechet : sound & music
  • Erik 'Viking Guitar' Peabody : music